Team NL Leaders in Performance Conference Nutrition

November 8, 2017 Hotel and Conference Centre Papendal
Theme: How to become a world class practitioner

Why this conference?
Working in a team to help elite athletes perform at their best requires a number of important skills. Sports nutrition is an important part of an athlete’s preparation but even at the highest level athletes spend far more time and energy on training than nutrition. There is huge potential to improve nutrition habits, guide athletes and help them to perform at their best. The approach for this would be:

- To perform research and/or interpret research so evidence based advice can be given.
- The advice needs to be integrated in a way that this is easy to adopt for the athlete and they can make it part of their routine.
- The advice needs to be personalized.
- In the communication we should strive for a relationship similar to that of a trusted advisor.

This conference will address all of the above, making sure some of the latest evidence is discussed by world experts, attention is paid to the translation of the research, the integration within daily practice as well as continuous improvements of essential skills such as critical thinking and reading.  The overarching goal is to give some guidance about how to become world class practitioners. This is also the theme of the meeting.

Who it is for?
The conference is aimed at practitioners who work in the field of sport (including elite sport) and in particular those with an interest in sports nutrition. Before the start of the actual conference it is also meeting of the sports dietitians who work with Elite athletes are CTOs and RTOs in the Netherlands. The conference is open not only to dietitians but also students, coaches, athletes , academics, and anyone else with an interest in the relationship between nutrition and performance. 


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