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The Netherlands has a dense sports infrastructure which is embedded in local communities. Every Dutch neighbourhood has at least one sports club, often more. Sports create a bond and a common sense of purpose, and inspire people. They also play a key role in combating overweight, helping to keep crime levels down, and promoting security, together with other civil society organisations – nationally as well as at the local and regional levels. NOC*NSF cooperates closely with the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare & Sport (VWS) and the Dutch Ministry of Education & Science (OC&W) to strengthen ties between sports, education and culture, and with the Ministry of Security & Justice (S&J) in the action plan to promote a ‘safe sports climate’.

The Dutch NOC is happy to share good examples of social projects such as 'A safe climate for sport', 'Olympic Moves', 'Match-fixing' and the lessons it has learned from past experience with other NOCs and with European and international federations.

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