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Because NOC*NSF is sharing the same goals regarding sports for all with Jeugdsportfonds we have been working together for many years now. 

Being able to participate in team sports is important for children's physical, intellectual, and social development. The Jeugdsportfonds foundation creates opportunities to participate in sports for children and teenagers under 18 years old who otherwise would not be able to join sports clubs because their families lack the necessary financial means. Jeugdsportfonds pays the club membership fees and/or pays for the sports uniform and other required equipment. It costs €250 to allow one child or teenager to participate in a sports club for one year. Applications can only be submitted by intermediaries, not by the parents themselves. The financial assistance is paid to the sports club directly. Jeugdsportfonds is a fundraising institution which is an officially recognized charity and which has received a quality mark from CBF, the official supervisory organization for charities in the Netherlands.

Last year 42.813 children were able to participate in sports thanks to the Jeugdsportfonds foundation and its public and private partners. The Jeugdsportfonds foundation has the ambition to create more opportunities for children and teenagers to participate in sports, targeting ultimately 150.000 children that cannot join sports clubs due to poverty.