Art, Culture and Sport

The NOC of the Netherlands (NOC*NSF) strives to see all Dutch people enjoying sports; by being physically active and also by watching sporting events on TV and at sports venues. Promoting sports and physical activity is one of the main objectives of the Dutch NOC. Specific projects and campaigns are run yearlong to promote physical activities among Dutch people. At the end of 2016 this should lead to an increase of the weekly sports participation of all Dutch citizens from 50% to 60%.

The almost 24.000 sport clubs in the Netherlands are the starting point and the foundation of a healthy lifestyle and physically activity in the Netherlands. At clubs people meet, practice sports and encourage each other to stay physically active. Consequently, if a higher participation in sports is the target, the Dutch sports clubs must be at the core of sports participation campaigns and initiatives.

At the same time there are numerous arts and cultural organizations in the Netherlands promoting cultural aspects such as visual and performing arts, music, crafts, design, or literature. These organizations share the same target as the sports clubs; inspiring citizens to be active and to take part in social and community activities and to increase participation in sport respectively in arts and culture. Cooperation between these two important national institutions would be of great value for sport and culture in the Netherlands and could have important synergetic effects. For instance, according to a recent NOC*NSF survey 81% of the Dutch citizen would like to explore their sports activities and their cultural activities at the very same location and more than 50% would like to be a member within one and the same combined sports and cultural club.

NOC*NSF and the Dutch arts and culture sector aim to launch three pilots to stimulate cooperation between sport clubs and arts and cultural organizations. The approach and the structure of the three pilots depend on the circumstances and needs of the local citizens, clubs, and organizations. Key persons form participating clubs and organizations are responsible for development, launch and running of the pilots. The local government, as one of the main driving forces behind sports participation in the Netherland, shall facilities the pilots and shall stimulate the participating parties.

Every pilot will include one or more of the following aspects:

  • Shared voucher for sports and cultural activities provided for members and visitors of sports clubs and arts and cultural organizations
  • Arts and sports activities run at the same location or venue.
  • Third parties from the education or health care sector involved in joint arts and sport activities

The three pilots will be launched in

  • one of the larger Dutch cities,
  • a medium sized Dutch town, and
  • a neighbourhood in a Dutch village.

Every pilot will be developed in accordance with the club members’ specific demands and needs and the current situation at the sports club and arts organization. The pilots will run for a couple of month and activities will be organized weekly.