Integrity of sports

Besides all the benefits of sport and its value for individuals and the society as a whole, there is also a downside to sports. The downside concerns a series of possible violations to the integrity of sports like, doping, matchfixing, sexual harassment, fraud and people being discriminated because of their race, sexual orientation or gender.

Sports have the responsibility ‘’to clean up their own mess’’ and to avoid a repetition of misbehavior. In some cases this responsibility rests fully on sports itself, in other cases cooperation with government or other organizations is necessary. The latter is most certainly the case when it concerns the development of, implementation of, and compliance with laws.

There is an increase of attention to the integrity of sports from several stakeholders. In society misbehavior is also less accepted and the reputational damage in the event of incidents is larger than before. In business and also within governments, many organizations have developed a compliance program to ensure that rules and codes of conduct are part of the way they do business. The core of that approach and the experiences with compliance programs can be useful for sports as well. Several countries have already realized parts of a compliance program for some violations of integrity. In the Netherlands we recently developed a vision and an approach how to implement such a program in sports.

The ambition is to maintain/create an atmosphere for sports that is safe, honest and open to everyone. This ambition can be reached by introducing a compliance program in sport. The compliance program consist of activities on:
• Prevention: code of conducts, education, e-learning etc.
• Detection: speak up point, fact-finding committees
• Enforcement: for example National Platform on Matchfixing
• Correction: disciplinary laws on doping, matchfixing, sexual harassment and discrimination on race, sexual orientation or gender
• Communication: it is important to communicate all the above activities

Good Governance
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