Knowledge and Information System for Sport (KISS)

Within the Dutch sport sector there is a clear and significant trend towards initiating and organising sports policy – and then implementing it – at the local or neighbourhood level.

This local approach is essential to getting more people to get physically active and to take part in sport. NOC*NSF and the Dutch sports federations, and most importantly the many Dutch sports clubs, are working more and more closely with local authorities and local organisations to achieve this.

There is therefore a greater need – especially at neighbourhood level, the domain of sports clubs – for information that is as specific as possible about participation in sport, the supply side, and of course the actual participants (or potential participants) throughout the Netherlands.

The Knowledge and Information System for Sport (KISS) is an application in which the sports federations and NOC*NSF present increasingly precise figures on sports participation in the Netherlands. With this application it is possible to see, down to the level of individual neighbourhoods, how many people in the local population belong to sports clubs or federations. Figures from the KISS database provide invaluable guidance to Dutch municipal authorities as well as sports clubs as they seek to frame their policy.