Funding organized sport

Local authorities (approx. 1 billion euros/year)
The relationship with local authorities can be strengthened further. Collecting and publishing evidence of the positive effects of sport policy related to government objectives may contribute to this.

Business (approx. 600 million euros/year)
We will further improve the relationship with the business sector and develop valuable propositions. Supporting sport providers to develop and realise partnerships with businesses can also provide opportunities.

Government (approx. 130 million euros in 2012 through the Ministry of Sport)
When we develop sport policy, we cooperate closely with the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. Promoting the interests of sport in The Hague, where our national government is seated, and further improvement of the relationship with other ministries, aimed at ‘sport inclusive policy development’, must have our permanent attention. Sport can make proposals to the government for additional investments and for financially favourable amendments to laws and regulations.

Dutch Lotery (ranging from 40-45 million euros/year)
The revenues from games of chance for sport may increase further in the coming years. This also depends on developments with regard to licences for suppliers of games of chance. There are opportunities to intensify the collaboration between sport federations, NOC*NSF and Lotto (Lottery). Sport organisations can increase Lotto’s exposure, which in turn can increase revenues from Lotto for sport.

Other sources of funding
Other sources of funding for sport may be found in the media (approx. 50 million euros/year) and coming from provincial authorities (approx. 17 million euros/year). The European Union’s attention for sport is also increasing and this may affect European rules on games of chance.