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NOC*NSF is based at National Sports Centre Papendal, which is on the outskirts of the city of Arnhem. NOC*NSF is the owner of Sports Centre Papendal. It offers outdoor training facilities for athletics, BMX, football, golf, as well as training halls for almost all indoor sports. Papendal is an official Centre for Elite Sports and Education (CEE). Around 350 athletes use the training facilities at Papendal on daily bases. Almost 180 athletes live on site or near Papendal. Often athletes combine their sporting career with an education program. Papendal has a Sport & Education building in which two educational institutions provide part of their programs.

Also Papendal features an innovative Elite Sports Restaurant which provides functional food for athletes. By combining food science, sports nutrition and the cooking pactices, the elite athletes at Papendal are served innovative essential food. Food for exercise or recovery, healthy snacks and sporting meals with all the required nutrients, vitamins and minerals. 

In addition to being the home base for NOC*NSF, Papendal also houses numerous other sports related organizations such as the Institute for Sport Accommodations, a Sport Medical Centre, the Dutch Paralympic Committee (NPC), the headquarters of the Dutch Athletics Federation and professional football club Vitesse. On top of that comes a recently beautifully renovated Hotel and Congress Centre, which offers *** and **** overnight accommodation and a great variety of meeting rooms and facilities.

All the (professional) facilities at Papendal makes this centre a popular option for many events. Organizations, associations and educational institutions throughout the country make intensive use of all the facilities at National Sports Centre Papendal.

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