International representatives

Over 270 Dutch representatives sit on European and worldwide sports boards and committees. They include the IOC member Camiel Eurlings, the IPC Governing Board member Rita van Driel, and the president of the International Skating Union (ISU) Jan Dijkema.

The Dutch sports sector is happy to contribute to the development of international sport by sharing its expertise in international boards and committees regarding themes such as recreational and top-level sport, sport for persons with a disability, and indeed in matters relating to the role of sport in society. It does so by participating in international forums, conferences and meetings. NOC*NSF is frequently involved in international outreach programmes such as the GEO project. 

NOC*NSF provides active support to Dutch officials who occupy positions in international forums. It organises conferences and networking meetings for them, facilitates mentoring processes between incoming and more experienced officials, and cooperates with the Nordic NOCs in a training course for talented administrative officials.

International Olympic Committee

  • Camiel Eurlings, Member
  • ZKH Koning Willem Alexander, Honorary member
  • Hein Verbruggen, Honorary member

International Paralympic Committee

  • Rita van Driel, Member of the board
  • HRH Prinses Margriet, Honorary board member

Olympic International Federations

  • Marijke Fleuren, Member of the board FIH (field hockey), member IOC Commission 'Women in Sport'
  • Jan Dijkema, President ISU (ice-skating)
  • Erik Cornelissen, Member of the board FIH (hockey)
  • Sylvia Barlag, Member of the board IAAF and EA (athletics)
  • Margaret Sikkens, {SWE} Member of the board FIG (gymnastics)
  • Erik van Heijningen, Member of the board FINA (swimming)
  • Peter van Wees, Member of the board FIBT (bobsleigh and skeleton)
  • Michel Everaert, Member of the board FIVB and CEV (vollyebal)    

ARISF recognised International Federations

  • Jan Fransoo, President IKF (korfball)
  • Frits Vrijland, President UIAA (climbing and mountaineering)
  • Harry Otten, President FMJD (draughts)
  • Frits Brink, President FAI (air sport)

Paralympic International Federations

  • Jan Berteling, Member of the board IWBF (wheelchair basketball) and President IWBF Europe
  • Henk van Aller, Secretary General IBSA (blind sport)

Olympic European federations

  • Marijke Fleuren, President EHF (field hockey)
  • Ronald Kramer, President ETTU (table tennis)
  • Michael van Praag, Member of the board UEFA (football)
  • Fred Buitenhuis, Member of the board ETU (taekwondo)
  • Theo Ploegmaker, Member of the board EEF (equestrian)
  • Karin van Bijsterveld, Member of the board ETF (tennis)
  • Martin Breedijk, Member of the board ETU (triathlon)

ARISF recognised European federations

  • Herman Hamers, Member of the board FIDE (chess)
  • Marcel Borst, Member of the board ESF (squash)

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