International events and representatives

The Netherlands aspires to organize over twenty major international sporting events between 2019 and 2028. Events that can be shown to have a positive effect on Dutch sport as well as providing economic and social benefits. Each event is always accompanied by numerous side-events in the city concerned and the surrounding region. In part, these side-events enable more people to experience sport directly. But they also focus on issues such as social cohesion and the contribution that sport can make to vitality and health, the economy and employment, and the environment and innovation, through the form and content of The Power of Sport Events.

International sporting achievements at the highest level instil a sense of national pride and help to strengthen the Netherlands’ national identity. This applies not only to the athletes themselves, but also to referees and umpires, coaches and sports officials who are highly esteemed in the international arena. NOC*NSF supports over 270 Dutch representatives in European and international boards and committees, partly in pursuit of the goal it has set: to have 20 Dutch officials occupying positions in international federations by 2020.

International events
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Herbert Wolff
Head of International Relations

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