Cookies notification

NOC*NSF’s Website (hereafter ‘the Website’) uses cookies. A cookie is a simple small file that is sent with pages of the Website and inbuilt Flash applications and that is saved onto your computer’s hard disk. In a subsequent visit to the Website, the information it contains may be sent to the NOC*NSF servers. In this notification, NOC*NSF explains the cookies it uses and the purposes they serve.

Helping the Website to function smoothly
Cookies are one of the resources that NOC*NSF uses to ensure that the Website works smoothly. These functional cookies are used solely for this purpose. For instance, NOC*NSF includes a cookie that remembers the particular font size you use, and one that ensures that you remain logged in (if you have clicked on this option). You can block these cookies through your browser, but this may adversely affect the way the Website functions.

Social media buttons
The Website includes buttons that promote certain web pages and that make it possible to share them through social media: i.e. on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, AddThis, and YouTube. These buttons install cookies.

These buttons work by using strings of code that originate from these social networks. NOC*NSF has no influence over them. You can consult these networks’ privacy statements (which may change quite frequently) to learn what they do with the personal and other information they obtain through these cookies.

The information gathered by these networks may be sent to the United States and stored in servers there. The companies that run these networks and that transfer information to the United States declare their adherence to the Safe Harbor principles and are registered with the Safe Harbor Program of the US Department of Commerce.

Tracking and profiles
NOC*NSF also uses tracking cookies to build up a profile of you using the tool Google Analytics. These cookies also register your visits to other websites from NOC*NSF’s network. This gives NOC*NSF the information that you have also visited these other websites in addition to its own.

The profile built up with tracking cookies is used solely to attune advertisements to your profile, so that they will be relevant to you.

Google Analytics
Google installs a cookie through the Website as part of the Google Analytics service. NOC*NSF uses this service to keep track of the way in which visitors are using the Website and to receive reports on this use. Google may pass on this information to third parties if there is a statutory obligation to do so, or to the extent that third parties process this information on Google’s behalf. NOC*NSF does not have any influence on these procedures. NOC*NSF has ensured that the IP addresses are minimised, however. This means that no IP addresses are sent to Google.

The information thus transferred to Google is stored on servers in the United States. Google declares its adherence to the Safe Harbor principles and is registered with the Safe Harbor Program of the US Department of Commerce.  
Right to consult, correct or delete personal data
You have the right to ask to see, correct, or delete information relating to you. Please go the NOC*NSF’s Contact page to see how to do so. To prevent any abuse of this service, NOC*NSF may ask you certain questions to verify your identity. If your enquiry relates to inspection of personal data linked to a cookie, you should enclose a copy of the cookie concerned, which you can find in your browser settings.

Cookies can generally be removed using your browser settings. You can find more information about enabling and disabling cookies in your browser’s instructions and/or Help function.


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